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Why choose us

Professional development and design team

Professional development and design team

The factory has a professional development and design team, which can solve your product d
13 years of product manufacturing experience

13 years of product manufacturing experi

The company has 13 years of experience in production and manufacturing of hydraulic joints
Perfect qualification certificate

Perfect qualification certificate

The company has a number of industry qualification certificates, and its strength can stan
Intimate after-sales service

Intimate after-sales service

24 hours response to customer needs, 72 hours to solve customer after-sales problems



about us

Suzhou Yaya Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou, a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River .It is a company integrating production, processing, distribution and wholesale. The company is a comprehensive company specializing in the production and processing of all kinds of imported domestic quick connector, ferrule connector, transition connector, high-pressure ball valve and other hydraulic system accessories. Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemistry, fluid, semiconductor, energy, steel, electricity, food bioengineering, pharmaceutical, national defense, pulp, aviation, metallurgy and mining industries. Our company's products require high...

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